Receive Transformative Life-Style Support, Your Ideal Body Look and Feel, Pro Personal Training, Personalized & Goal Specific

Essential for a lean athletic physique | Burn fat hours post workout session | Build lean muscle for increased strength | Make workouts fun, effective, unpredictable | Structure training for long-term results

Need To...

Insure your fitness goals are met. Self Embodiment Fitness only offers the most effective way to train, Personalized - Goal Specific Training Plans that gives its female and male followers a Strong & Lean body desired by most people. Philadelphia Personal Training that puts your needs first for best results.

Tone Athletic Physique

Create visible muscle tone by lowering of your body fat percentage revealing definition of a strong, lean, healthy looking body

Gain Strength

Get functionally fit for life or sport, achieve fitness goals, feel energized. Gain strength so you avoid the pitfalls of a weak body

Train On My Own

Access your workouts anywhere from your phone or tablet. Stop wishing, train how elite physiques train and become your own inspiration


HIIT Philadelphia bootcamp get a more athletic physique, burn more fat and calories than you would working out on your own

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