I'm a NY transplant to the Philadelphia area and I have had the privilege of working with some excellent personal trainers while living in NYC. Due to personal circumstances when first moving to Philly, several months went by before I began looking for a local trainer. At this point I felt like I had lost much of my muscle definition and, honestly, I wasn't feeling good about myself. I set out on a mission to find a high-quality trainer who I felt could inspire me. From experience, I knew what I wanted from a trainer and have always had very high expectations. I interviewed several trainers, but when I met with Malcolm, I intuitively knew that he was going to be the right one. Malcolm’s positive energy and enthusiasm immediately made me feel comfortable and confident that he was the right trainer for me. I somehow knew that as a personal trainer, Malcolm had everything that I was looking for, and I'm happy to say that I made the right decision. I very quickly started to once again feel more self-confident and see results. Malcolm knew exactly what to do to bring out my muscle tone and definition. Malcolm places a high value on safety and correct form with each exercise. I find his positive energy to be motivating in the best possible way. He is truly a fitness professional and is very knowledgeable and organized. His detailed record keeping of my progress proved to be extremely helpful. For Malcolm, personal training is not a job; it's a passion, and I have found him to genuinely care about my progress during the time period I’ve spent working out with his guidance. I’ve always had the sense that he really cares about my well-being and progress. I once mentioned to him that I needed to buy a new pair of training shoes and he actually offered to come along to make sure that I was getting the right pair/fit. Malcolm always offers warm words of encouragement and is always generous with his praise for my effort. I enthusiastically recommend Malcolm as an excellent personal trainer. It’s rare to meet someone who is so dedicated and capable. He is the real deal for people who are serious about seeing results in their workouts.

Remi B., Former Manhattanite