I hate Malcolm.......in a good way! I actually have a love-hate thing going on with Malcolm. I love that he is gentle and encouraging, yet firm and precise in training me. Having chosen him as my personal trainer because he epitomizes his dedication to fitness and clean eating, I hoped that he could help me master the art of climbing stairs at work without being out of breath. He has not only helped me accomplish that feat, but has helped me trim inches and say goodbye to several unwanted pounds in the process. It is only after our twice a week appointments have occurred and my body is reacting to the intense 45-minute sessions that he is one of my least favorite people. Then Monday comes and we once again start our fitness dance and so does my love-hate relationship with Malcolm. Yet when all is said and done, I love him and the fact that he sees my potential as he calmly coaxes towards thresholds that I have no doubt I would not reach without him.

Deloris J., Author