/// Certified Personal Trainer | National Strength and Conditioning Association
/// Founder | Self Embodiment Fitness est. 2012
/// Fitness Experience | 20+ years
/// Specialty Customizing training that promotes body strength & tone
/// Objective | Help you look & feel better to project self-confidence
/// Thankful For My clients hard work and dedication to living fit


I am a private trainer who is passionate about strength and conditioning. You'll be guided by our in-depth discussions but more importantly by my example in how I too work very hard to maintain a fit lifestyle and practice proven training methods that I know to be factual, not following fads. I'm determined to create a unique and fulfilling training experience for you. I strive to embody the lifestyle changes that you will need to make for you to succeed, because you will succeed! My sincere desire is to deliver results in you and instill healthy habits for life.

  • Malcolm Pinder

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