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I am now in the best shape of my life thanks to Malcolm!! I came to Malcolm to help me lose weight and tone up before my wedding. He spoke with me about my wants, needs, hindrances, and advantages and customized a personal workout. Since then, he has tweaked these workouts to hone in on what I want and need the most. Furthermore, he is very accommodating; he is flexible with my often busy schedule, but he never lets me get away too long without checking in and pushing me to work out. He has also helped me with nutrition, coaching me on proper meals and portions, even providing recipe ideas! Probably for the first time in my life (and I'm 30), when I look in the mirror I am happy. Malcolm has become a good friend and he is an EXCELLENT trainer. I highly recommend Malcolm for all fitness needs and levels!

Holly S., Teacher

I came to Malcolm after seeing his reviews on yelp. I was a former dancer who was in a serious fitness rut due to grad school and was looking for help getting out of it. Malcolm went far far above and beyond my expectations. He really tailors the workouts to what I am looking for in terms of my physical fitness goals (I was also preparing for a dance performance with my former company and he really listened to that and crafted exercises that helped me get back in dancer shape). No workout was ever the same and I was challenged each time. As someone who's been physically fit my whole life this was a nice surprise to discover tons of new things (and new muscles!). I also saw results very fast, both physically and in energy levels. I can't thank Malcolm enough for getting me back on path. He's also just an awesome human in general and fun to hang out with for a few hours every week. I couldn't have asked for a better experience. I am moving out of the city for a few months but will 100% be finding Malcolm again when I'm back!

Tamara F., Attorney

I'm a NY transplant to the Philadelphia area and I have had the privilege of working with some excellent personal trainers while living in NYC. Due to personal circumstances when first moving to Philly, several months went by before I began looking for a local trainer. At this point I felt like I had lost much of my muscle definition and, honestly, I wasn't feeling good about myself. I set out on a mission to find a high-quality trainer who I felt could inspire me. From experience, I knew what I wanted from a trainer and have always had very high expectations. I interviewed several trainers, but when I met with Malcolm, I intuitively knew that he was going to be the right one. Malcolm’s positive energy and enthusiasm immediately made me feel comfortable and confident that he was the right trainer for me. I somehow knew that as a personal trainer, Malcolm had everything that I was looking for, and I'm happy to say that I made the right decision. I very quickly started to once again feel more self-confident and see results. Malcolm knew exactly what to do to bring out my muscle tone and definition. Malcolm places a high value on safety and correct form with each exercise. I find his positive energy to be motivating in the best possible way. He is truly a fitness professional and is very knowledgeable and organized. His detailed record keeping of my progress proved to be extremely helpful. For Malcolm, personal training is not a job; it's a passion, and I have found him to genuinely care about my progress during the time period I’ve spent working out with his guidance. I’ve always had the sense that he really cares about my well-being and progress. I once mentioned to him that I needed to buy a new pair of training shoes and he actually offered to come along to make sure that I was getting the right pair/fit. Malcolm always offers warm words of encouragement and is always generous with his praise for my effort. I enthusiastically recommend Malcolm as an excellent personal trainer. It’s rare to meet someone who is so dedicated and capable. He is the real deal for people who are serious about seeing results in their workouts.

Remi B., Former Manhattanite

I hate a good way! I actually have a love-hate thing going on with Malcolm. I love that he is gentle and encouraging, yet firm and precise in training me. Having chosen him as my personal trainer because he epitomizes his dedication to fitness and clean eating, I hoped that he could help me master the art of climbing stairs at work without being out of breath. He has not only helped me accomplish that feat, but has helped me trim inches and say goodbye to several unwanted pounds in the process. It is only after our twice a week appointments have occurred and my body is reacting to the intense 45-minute sessions that he is one of my least favorite people. Then Monday comes and we once again start our fitness dance and so does my love-hate relationship with Malcolm. Yet when all is said and done, I love him and the fact that he sees my potential as he calmly coaxes towards thresholds that I have no doubt I would not reach without him.

Deloris J., Author

I initially contacted Malcolm Pinder, SelfEmbodiment, Philadelphia Personal Trainer as I was looking to work on leg strength to overcome constant pulled muscles and to improve my quickness. In addition, I was looking to broaden my weight training skills. I had not used a personal trainer before so I was unsure if this was the best route. Malcolm understood what I was looking to accomplish and was very accommodating from a time standpoint. Since I have been working with Malcolm, my leg strength has improved and I have had no issues with muscle pulls. My overall strength and conditioning has also improved. Malcolm is very knowledgeable and easy to work with, while also motivational. I continue to work with Malcolm and would highly recommend him to anyone looking to improve their fitness.

Kurt B., Excutive

I have come to look foward to each new session with Malcomb. Having never thought I would need a personal trainer I have come to learn just the opposite. To me Malcomb epitomizes all the traits for his success in this role: he is patient, observant, a goods listener and obviously practices what he preaches. I highly recommend him to all who will listen.

Bruce J., Engineer

Malcolm is a great motivator and really takes the time to help you with your specific needs. He got me into shape for my wedding in no time and now continues to push me to achieve the best of my athletic ability.  I appreciate how he always checks in and is patient with getting my eating to the right place.  His workouts vary and become increasingly challenging as you become more fit, but he is always careful and attentive to form. I have begun to really enjoy lifting and feel stronger than ever.

Tina P., Attorney

Self-Embodiment Studio is absolutely worth the investment. Malcolm provided me the training I hoped for, a personal workout plan and a nutrition plan, but he also exceeded my expectations. He offers flexible hours, he checks in during the week, and provides ample encouragement for the fitness journey.

I trained with him for three months and was amazed by the progress I saw. I lost weight, gained muscle, and became increasingly confident in my ability to lift. He simplifies healthy living and helped me incorporate it in a busy life.

I HIGHLY recommend training at Self-Embodiment.

Rebekah L., Medical Student

I moved to Philly to start a new job and basically stopped working out. I learned about Malcolm Pinder at SelfEmbodiment from a co-worker. Through working with Malcolm I was able to get back in shape even with my hectic schedule. He is completely understanding and flexible with the workout schedule, which is difficult to find in a trainer. I also think it is difficult to find a trainer who really motivates you to work harder while not making you feel like you are failing, but Malcolm certainly solved that problem as well. You will find that he pushes you to work harder while also being very supportive. You definitely feel like he genuinely cares whether or not you meet your personal goals and take care of yourself. If you are looking for a Philadelphia Personal Trainer, I couldn't recommend Malcolm Pinder more.

Jessica D., Attorney

I have been working with Malcolm Pinder, Personal Trainer at Self-Embodiment, Philadelphia, PA for about 3 months now. I really wanted to lose weight and eat better. My eating habits worsened once I began my new job and I wanted to get back to eating healthier. The only reservation I had is that Malcolm would be an intense trainer and force me to do exercises I was not comfortable with. Malcolm went over each exercise with me and ensured my form was good. Whenever I had questions about an exercise Malcolm went over them with me and ensure I mastered the exercises before the next time I went to the gym. I really like the online app and that I am able to track my workouts, cardio, and weight. It’s great that I am able to see the difference since the time I started working with Malcolm until now. Malcolm is also always available when I have questions and he gives me honest feedback. Three other benefits are: being able to talk to Malcolm through the app, Malcolm helped me work on my nutrition as well, and Malcolm also spoke to me about the importance of my water intake. I would recommend Malcolm to everyone I know! He wants to see you succeed and lose weight. He is also very personable and down to earth. I was not expecting that in a trainer. I’m glad I had the opportunity to work with Malcolm so far I have lost about 13lbs and counting. Malcolm helped me to push myself harder and to not be afraid of pushing my boundaries and eating healthy.

Brittany L., MS Social Work

I have been working with Malcolm Pinder at SelfEmbodiment in Philadelphia, PA for over two years. Malcolm is the only personal trainer that I have met in the Philly area that has made it possible for me to attain all of my fitness goals. When I first came to him, I was overweight, completely out of shape and lacking the confidence that I needed to get in the gym and to get fit. Malcolm helped me by being right by my side throughout the entire process. When I began, I worked out one-on-one with Malcolm 4 days a week. He would text with me throughout the day to check in on how I was feeling, confirm our workout schedules and just help keep me motivated and engaged. He also mapped out my food plans with me and helped me overcome multiple hurdles when I was plateauing with my weight loss. He was such a source of support and inspiration! I also have to give a shout out to Malcolm for also helping to counsel me and work through the difficult emotional hurdles that come with intense training and eating clean. He was definitely a shoulder that I have cried on and definitely on more than one occasion. Malcolm also maintains the highest level of confidentiality and makes sure that your time with him is in a safe and respectful environment. Over the last year, I have decided to take more accountability for my own workouts and have been completing my weight training in a more normal gym environment. However, I quickly felt lost and wasn't sure which training moves should be incorporated during my gym visits so that I was getting a solid full body workout. I reached out to Malcolm about my concerns and he provided a new solution to meet my needs. He and I now meet once a month and review my goals and hurdles that I need help overcoming. Malcolm designs custom online workouts that he posts through an app called Trainerize that I can access from any location and at anytime. Each workout is made just for me and is also accompanied with a video of Malcolm performing each move so that I can be sure of the proper form while I complete the same movements. I can't say enough good things about Malcolm and SelfEmbodiment Fitness. I have referred over a half a dozen friends to him that have all had similar success under his guidance. I will continue to send him business and strongly encourage you to reach out to him. He can work with almost any schedule and budget (and any excuses) to help you reach your goals. Go for it!

Danielle M., Finance VP

MALCOLM is the real deal. I feel so lucky I found him right when I moved to Philadelphia from NYC. I was daunted by the amount of work and lifestyle changes that would be required to get my body back to Si shape;), but Malcolm guided me on what exactly I needed to be eating and kept me on track with regular text check-ins: asking how my meals were going& if I did my exercise he gave to do between sessions.  I never met a trainer this dedicated to his clients! And before I forget to mention, every time I have sessions with Malcolm, he always pushes me further than I think possible! Yes! It burns!! But trust me, with Malcolm, you'll love the burn with the amazing results! No pain no gain!

Rashu P., Model

I've been coming to Malcolm regularly for over four months now, and I'm so thankful I made this commitment. Before working out with Malcolm, I was out of shape, not familiar with any equipment or diet plans, and had very low self-esteem. I needed my own personal space without others working out around me so I can focus.

Thankfully after working with him, I have grown more confident through what he has been teaching me. From the first consult and over the course of training with him, we have worked together to find out what my goals, strengths, and weaknesses. He listened to me and helped me reach my goals, one goal at a time. It takes many many steps to get to where I would want to end up, but fortunately, he is very patient. He has all the equipment necessary and all the private space I needed. I felt safe in knowing that I've been getting high quality work outs at times that worked best for me. He changed my diet as well all for the better.

He is not only my trainer but has ultimately became my friend. He has always been available to me through text/email/phone. As a student, he has been very flexible with my schedule changes.

Chris L., Dental Student

Malcolm is awesome!!!  I found Malcolm / Self Embodiement Fitness on yelp after reading the great reviews.  He truly is the ideal personal trainer as he designs programs for you based on your needs/goals and also comes up with a program for the 5 other days I don't train with him.  He's extremely knowledgeable about health and fitness.  What I appreciate is that he cares about form more than anything.  I have done personal training sessions at a larger gym and really can attest to this being a unique and personalized experience.  I have been training with Malcolm for 1.5 months 2 times/week and have noticed a significant difference in my strength, endurance, and waist line!  I am also eating a lot healthier/leaner which Malcolm checks in on to make sure I'm not slacking!  🙂  Hands down worth the investment in your health and fitness to work with Malcolm!

Priya V., Physician

I've been training with Malcolm and Self Embodiment for over a year now. In my first 6 weeks, while working out remotely with a custom exercise and diet plan, I had gone down 5% in body fat! I couldn't' believe it when he did my measurements. I knew my pant size had gone down about 1.5 sizes, and I had lost close to 5lbs, I didn't realize how much body fat I had actually lost. I had seen a HUGE difference in the muscle tone, strength, and less cellulite (I've been a runner my whole life and I've never seen my legs in such good shape). It was a great surprise to see I had gone down 5% in body fat in just a little over a month. Malcolm has been an excellent coach, and each week customized the weights so I was always challenging myself. The diet is easy to follow and he provided some great tips and tricks so I don't get hungry or am able to cook without spending a huge amount of time in the kitchen, which is a huge help with my busy schedule! I'm beyond pleased with the results I've received from Self Embodiment. Malcolm has been a huge part in my success. He's become a dear friend and always has encourages me to put myself and goals first. I just wish I live in Philly so I could train with him in-person!

Adrien P, Digital Designer

Training with Malcolm has been a life-changing experience for me, and it is without a doubt one of the best things I've ever done for myself. Before I started with Malcolm, I would go to the gym on my own or with friends, but I stuck with the exercises I knew and never had the results I wanted. I knew I needed some help, and as I set out to find a trainer I considered a lot of different options. When I came across Malcolm's website, my search ended. I knew that his boldness about how much effort he expects from his clients was just what I needed, since I always had trouble pushing myself past my own comfort levels. I also liked the fact that Malcolm was going to incorporate guidance on my diet, which I knew would help my work in the gym pay off; and it absolutely did.

Since I started training with Malcolm several months ago, I have been blown away by the results, both physically and mentally. With Malcolm's help, I am now in the best shape of my life. His workouts aren't easy, and they're not cookie-cutter exercises from a health magazine, either. In fact, we have never done the same routine twice. As a result, I have progressed far beyond my previously self-imposed limits. For example, I had a severe arm injury a few years back, which always caused me to avoid certain exercises or just assume I couldn't do them. Malcolm, on the other hand, modified exercises when needed but he never started with the assumption that I couldn't do something just because of my prior injury. His can-do attitude wore off on me. Now instead of dreading new workouts, I can't wait to try and conquer them. In the midst of building me up physically, Malcolm's training has given me a new sense of confidence that has improved virtually every area of my life.

With a busy career and a lot of demands on my schedule, I was skeptical about whether I could actually fit Malcolm's training sessions and his diet plans into my life. But instead of quitting or giving up, I've just learned how to manage my time better; another benefit of this training that has paid dividends both in and out of the gym.

Simply put, training with Malcolm has been completely transformational for me. For someone who started out thinking I would work out with him for a few weeks, then go back to doing it on my own, I can honestly say now that I can't imagine not training with him. I can't recommend Malcolm highly enough."

William M, managing attorney

Over the years I have trained with several excellent trainers, I rate Malcolm as being the best of the best. He is always well prepared to guide me through each sessions and has an excellent grasp of my capabilities. He has designed exercise routines that I am capable of doing while improving my overall physical capabilities. I would not hesitate to recommending him to others.

Murvin L, executive

Hi, my name is April, and I'm a parent,

When my son turned 17, he decided to be serious about the gym and working out. I was fortunate enough to find Malcolm's website and knew at the onset that he would be a perfect fit for my son. Not only was he a great fit for my son, but the two worked very well together, and my son became enthused about working out. Malcolm devised a workout plan to meet his needs and my son's busy teenage schedule. Not only was he a great personal instructor, but he was very professional and efficient. As a parent, I highly recommend Malcolm as a personal trainer.

April W, author

Life changing; is how I would describe the past year training with Malcolm. He is by far the most exquisite Trainer I have encountered. Before meeting Malcolm I had all but given up on getting in shape. Sure, I would go to gym hit or miss, however, let me be clear; I was discouraged and unhappy with the lack of results. First of all, I was unhappy with my weight, and my physician had informed me that my Cholesterol and Blood Pressure were too high, and that my weight was going in the wrong direction. I knew that I needed to make a serious lifestyle change, and that as educated as I am, I needed someone with expertise in fitness, dieting and overall health to guide me.

To be honest, I was struggling with contacting Malcolm because I was simply stuck in a fixed pattern of consuming donuts and coffee every morning, and eating pizza and Buffalo wings every Tuesday and Friday. I thought to myself, how could I possibly give up these pleasures to exercise. Additionally, when I visited Malcolm’s website, I saw this picture-perfect specimen and I was intimidated. Not only was I intimidated I was skeptical; I thought to myself; that cannot really be him. Additionally, I had stereotyped him as being some arrogant cocky jock, and let me tell you my perceptions were quickly proven wrong.

First, let me tell you his pictures are real, and second he is the most humble and patient human being. Malcolm was quite interested in learning about my goals, and said lets get to work on them. He tailored a program for me that included exercise, weight training and a nutritious diet. What impressed me about him was the way in which he kept tabs on my progress. Can you imagine your trainer asking for daily weights and the cuisine you consumed for your daily meals via text? Malcolm epitomizes the discipline of staying fit, and refreshingly unlike other trainers I have hired in the past, he provides you his full attention throughout the sessions. Additionally, he believes in working out your entire body, so that you look fantastic all over.

I look forward to seeing Malcolm each week, given my crazy and hectic schedule; he motivates me to value my health as much as my career. I know that Malcolm changes lives because he changed mine for the better. While my metamorphosis is still in progress, for the first time in a long time I love how my clothes fit, and more importantly, I take pride in my healthy food choices. Simply put, Malcolm is the real deal and I have no doubt you will feel the same. Whether you are in shape or are discouraged about the condition of your body, training with Malcolm will allow you to reach your fitness potential, and more importantly, his knowledge about transforming and sculpting your body is priceless! Sure, there are lots of Trainers out there who entice you with promises, however, there is only one that I have come to trust and believe in, and that Trainer is Malcolm. He is the best fitness investment you will ever make.

Dr. Coleman, health professional and author

I have been extremely fortunate to train with Malcolm for several months now. The dedication, knowledge and experience Malcolm brings to our sessions encompasses much more than the training aspect.

He is genuinely interested in influencing positive lifestyle changes in nutrition and fitness.

After our first session, it took a week for recovery. Expect to get a good, tough workout, with much guidance on correct form, for optimum benefit of your hard work.
Whatever your goals, Malcolm will help you get there. I am stronger, leaner and feel much healthier. Be prepared for a great experience!

Marianne C, hr manager