Why /// SelfEmbodiment Fitness

Nothing boosts self-confidence like a body you’re psyched to show off

  • Imagine
    Being recognized as someone who is fit. Changing your lifestyle, create a new identity. Controlling how you want your body to look and feel. Living active and confident, quieting self-limiting thoughts. Experience training like a pro, discovering what your best is.
  • You
    Receive a high level of priority focus vital for your fitness success. Personalized attention to detail sets SelfEmbodiment apart from ordinary personal training, allowing you to fine-tune your fitness, get specific desired results, and is vital to achieve best physical results.
  • Because
    You get fitter working directly with fitness professional Malcolm Pinder who conceptualizes, designs, and delivers you effective workouts. Experience what SelfEmbodiment stands for, psychology from physiology, Enjoy Living Life In A Body That Is Strong & Lean


SelfEmbodiment Key Benefits

Serving hard working professionals and university students with demanding time and social commitments. Removing the guess work and stress of sculpting an athletic looking physique and maintaining it by living a fit lifestyle.

  • Fresh approach to how you look & feel | toned body screams health and strength
  • Maximize your time & effort | create positive work/life balance
  • A healthy strong body is attractive | reverse the effects of aging
  • Continually updates and improves your training to achieve results
  • Increase self-confidence

First you'll develop new found strength, the foundation of every exercise program. Strength will allow you to continuously perform increasingly challenging exercises with exact form | Second, your confidence builds along with your strength as your body becomes accustomed to exercising with a high level of concentration and focus as you work to the best of your ability. The confidence stays with you when you leave the gym. | Last, you've faced your challenging workouts with pleasure or kicking and screaming, either way you've come out better than you every thought possible. Knowing you can do it, you relish what you've accomplished  although still humble you have a bad ass attitude that can take on anything the world throws at you, because you have the mental and physical strength to come out stronger in the end. Plus, you look damn good too.Malcolm Pinder


My offer is simple:

Help you look & feel your best!

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